Handball: Relive the Proligue final between JS Cherbourg and Sélestat

Handball: Relive the Proligue final between JS Cherbourg and Sélestat

JS Cherbourg Lucas Vanègue received the Sélestat team's muzzle, promoted to Starligue.
JS Cherbourg Lucas Vanègue received the Sélestat team’s muzzle, promoted to Starligue.

JS Cherbourg was defeated Selestatthis Sunday, June 5, 2022 in the final of Proliga. In the Sports Palace DijonThe Mauves missed the opportunity to offer the title of French champion and a ticket to enter starleague. What a disappointment!

Game minute by minute

End of the match: Cherbourg – Sélestat: 30-36. After a balanced first half, the Mauves dominated the opponents in the second half. The Cherbourgeois failed to offer the same level of play as in the semifinals. Sélestat again managed a perfect encounter with players in a state of grace, such as Hakon Ekren, the chosen man of the match.

It’s end!

60 ′: Penalty for JSC. Dalmont is changing (30-36)

59 ′: Stud Bellevue scores from a distance (29-34). A Pinchot close up (29-35)

58 ′: Dead time for Sélestat. The fate of the match now seems to have been decided …

57 ′ : Vanègue lowers the score (28-33). But Egermann is perfect on the pivot (28-34)

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56 ′: It seems to be ready for Cherbourg, especially when Goujon Bellevue shot down Harbaoui (27-32). The sentence is borne by George (27-33)

55 ′: Thomas scores in an empty goal (27-32)

54 ′: Sélestat’s long tenure. And Egermann concludes (27-31)

53 ′ : Tike closes the gap (26-30). Ivah is doing the rescue behind him. And Vanègue scores quickly (27-30)

52 ′: JSC hits the stick twice! But it will cause a fine (25-30)

52 ′: Frédéric Bougeant has to take his tactics out of his hat. It is Léo Weber who enters the field.

51 ′: Pimenta penetrates the defense of Cherbourg and scores in strength (25-30)

50 ′: Ekren finds the fault, not Léger, who shoots Harbaoui (25-29). With four goals going up in ten minutes, it will be a small miracle for JS Cherbourg.

49 ′: A huge hit by Ivah on Geoerge on the wing! (25-28). The Mauves who touched the pole are unlucky (25-28)

49 ′: Two minutes to Sélestat (Egermann) (24-28). Lucas Vanègue takes advantage of that (25-28)

48 ′: Ivah, stop by Schroder! (24-28)

47 ′ : Schroder finds error again (23-28), it starts to do a lot. Although Vanègue will reduce the mark (24-28)

47 ′: Rezzouki finds a bar… (23-27). Time limit.

46 ′: Schroder found his right arm at the wrong time for Cherbourg. Sélestat leads 4 goals (23-27)

46 ′: JSC now attacks at 7 by leaving Ivah. Vanègue finds the hole (23-26)

45 ′: Vanègue’s shot missed the top corner … (22-25). And Schroder is effective (22-26)

44 ′: Pimenta does not shake against Colleluori (22-25). Dead time represents Cherbourg. A quarter of an hour remains for the Mauves to increase by three goals.

43 ′: Two minutes for Max Tike… A difficult moment for JS Cherbourg, especially when Sélestat provokes a penalty (22-24)

43 ′: Harbaoui is on the path of Jametal’s missile (22-24)

42 ′: Muel finds a bar (22-23) and Schroder, fan Ivah (22-24)

41 ′: The penalty for Sélestat was turned by young Hugo Pimenta (22-23). Both teams follow each other, the goalkeepers fail to hit.

40 ′: Orsted answers his friend Ekren (22-22)

38 ′: Orsted, found in the pivot, did not miss the opportunity against Harbaoui (21-21)

38 ′: Georges is perfect on the right wing (20-21)

37 ′: Captain Tike equalized from the penalty (20-20)

36 ′: He’s got a crack at the rebound all alone in front of Antoine Léger … how did he miss that ?! (19-20). Rezzouki scratches the ball from behind and will cause a penalty in the next attack!

35 ′: Schroder’s bullet found a stick (18-20)

35 ′: Lucas Vanègue, against, causes 2 minutes. Moods flare up on the benches. Both coaches will get a yellow in a few minutes (18-20)

John Cherkon John's JS is suspended during the Proligue semifinals against Sélestat.
John Nkonda JS Cherbourg hung during the Proligue semifinal against Sélestat. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)

34 ′: George found on the wing is not wrong. Unlike Rezzouki, who sends the ball into the sails during the next attack … (18-20)

33 ′ : Skylight by Lucas Vanègue (18-19)

32 ′: Ekren’s shot in the side deceives Ivah and Sélestat back in front (17-18). Thomas realizes the interruption of the rapid attack, where Ivah is unlucky (17-19)

31 ′: Orsted scores the first goal of the second half. Eggerman equalizes quickly (17-17)

31 ′: It’s here again!

Half time: Cherbourg – Sélestat: 16.-16. Favorites on paper, the Mauves are currently part of a catchy and efficient Alsatian team. The ghosts are tense and the second third remains undecided. It takes 30 minutes to get a Starligue ticket.

30 ‘: 13 seconds after the break Orsted will cause a penalty for JSC. Tike is changing (16-16). Plato’s last attempt finds Ivah in his way.

29 ′: Goujon Bellevue’s shot hits the bar. (15-16). The same for Flat face Ivah (15-16)

28 ′: On the wing of Piment, he succeeds in a duel with Ivah (15-16)

28 ′ : The Plat window roof window has entered the game (14-15). Jametal equalizes (15-15)

27 ′: Penalty for Cherbourg for defending in the zone. Tike faces Harbaoui and also misses him (14-14). There is tension in the air … Dead time, represented by Sélestat.

26 ′: Penalty for Selestat. Schroder sees that his two attempts Ivah repulsed !! (14-14). Délestat is not doing well.

25 ′: After getting the ball, Jason Muel shoots to the empty goal and equalizes (14-14)

24 ′ : Vanbague’s shot was fired by Harbaoui. The one from Rezzouki is taking over! (13-14)

24 ′: Two minutes for Pinchot, defender of Sélestat. How tense … (13-14)

23 ′: Ekren goes Ivah between her legs (13-14)

22 ′: The attempt on Jametal flies away (13-13)

22 ′: While the attack on Cherbourg is poorly launched, the break is represented by Frédéric Bougeant (13-13)

21 ′: Lucas Vanègue takes matters and sends a mine to settle (13-13). Georges has found the bar and JSC now has the ball to regain the advantage.

20 ′: Stopping Gauthier Ivoh on Schroder’s shot (12-13)

20 ′: Jaeger, on the other hand, raises his account. But Vanègue unlocks his counterattack with a goal in the back (12-13)

19 ′: Pimenta gives Sélestat an advantage! (11-12)

18 ′: Pinchot looks for the ball bounced off the stick and deceives Ivah. A bad pass from Jametala and George takes advantage of the opportunity to score in an empty goal. Sélestat returned and scored in less than a minute (11-11)

17 ′: A pass behind Vanègue’s back for his friend Tike, who deceives Harbaoui (11-9)

17 ′: Jaeger scored on the wing and caused 2 minutes for Nkonda (10-9)

16 ′ : Two minutes for Harbaoui (Sélestat) for putting a hand in Vanègue’s face. Note that the middle half of JSC has the role of distributor this afternoon. He hasn’t scored a goal yet. (10-8)

15 ′: Schroder’s skylight! (10-8)

13′: Jason Muel provoked a penalty and 2 minutes! Tike doesn’t shake (10-7)

13′: Jason Muel, back instead of Orsted, scores closely. Ekren is quickly responsible for Sélestat (9-7)

12 ′: Here it is, Ivo’s second shot on Thomas’s shot (8-6)

11 ′: Antoine Léger’s shot at the end of possession! The third goal from the back of Cherbourg allows the JSC to continue the race in the lead (8-6). Note that there is only one goal stop on each side.

10 ′: Nice pass from Schroder for Pinchot inside. Goal for Sélestat and 2 minutes for Orsteda (7-6)

10 ′: Orsted, seated in the pivot position, inflicts punishment on the JSC. Tike moves past Kriszt and scores (7-5)

9 ′: George, serving on the right wing, cheats on Ivah (6-5). Sélestat clings.

8 ′: Schroder misses the target, as does Vanègue, who falls on Harbaoui (6-4)

7 ′: Jametal answers Thomas (6-4)

7 ′: Nkonda came into play on the wing, he is not wrong against Harbaoui. Goalkeeper Sélestat, a perfect half, is currently in trouble against the Cherbourg shooters (5-3)

6 ′: Rezzouki gets 2 minutes. Ekren lowers the brand (4-3)

5 ′: Léger responds quickly to Pinchot and the gap is still +2 in favor of JSC. Observation round pad in this match as well as in the semifinals by the way (4-2).

4 ′: In a quick attack, Léger JSC gives a two-goal lead (3-1)

4 ′: Rezzouki catches up with him by winning the duel with Harbaoui on his right wing (2-1)

3 ′: Settlement of Sélestat by Capello. Vanzougue quickly scored the penalty, which Rezzouki missed! (1-1). As in the semifinals, the JSC winger wastes the first penalty of the match.

2 ′: Lucas Jametal opens the JSC score with a half-shot (1-0)

1 ′: Sélestat missed the first attack with a shot from Schroder next door (0-0)

1 ′: Lets go !

Before the match

15:13: Both teams present themselves to the public in a noisy and family atmosphere. The Palais des Sports in Dijon has approximately 1,500 spectators.

15:00 .: End of warm-up, both teams return to the locker rooms.

Motivation Cherbourgeais.
Motivation Cherbourgeais. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)

14:45: The fans are already making noise. It’s a good hundred Cherbourgeois who have traveled from the English Channel.

Supporters of JS Cherbourg are preparing.
Supporters of JS Cherbourg are preparing. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)
The Mauve kick is already hot.
The Mauve kick is already hot. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)
One hundred supporters of JS Cherbourg.
One hundred supporters of JS Cherbourg. (© Nadine DJEBBAR)

14:30: The composition of the teams decreased. No big absences on both sides despite the sores caused by fatigue and a long season.

Game sheet Cherbourg - Sélestat.
Game sheet Cherbourg – Sélestat. (© David CAPELLE)

14:30: As for JS Cherbourg supporters, we hope to see Lucas again Vanègue in top form. The middle half scored 10 goals in the semifinals against Pontault-Combault.

14:15: Both teams return to the field to warm up. The Palais des Sports in Dijon is slowly filling up. Many supporters are announced on both sides.

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