🚨 Info PVfr: Revival with new faces for professionals! ⋆ Peuple-Vert.fr – Football – ASSE

🚨 Info PVfr: Revival with new faces for professionals!  ⋆ Peuple-Vert.fr – Football – ASSE

Now that ASSE has appointed its coach for next season, everything seems to be in order to plan a green renewal schedule as well as the program that awaits professionals during these 5 weeks of training. Pre-season course, which will be attended by new faces from N3.

ASSE will return to the lawns on June 27, as announced by our friends in Sainté Inside. Laurent Batlles then discovers a very limited workforce after the end of the 14th end of the contract. There may be some players recruited in June, but the Saint-Etienne team should be formed during the month of July until the end of the transfer period.

The Greens will group up near La Plagne for an oxygenation course scheduled for early July. Opportunity to strengthen ties between new, old and young couple who will have the opportunity to show up in a professional group. If Sainté Inside evokes the presence of 6 or 7 players from National 3, we are able to give you a few names:

Yanis Lhery (forward)

Photo of Icon Sport – Yanis LHERY – Commerzbank-Arena – Frankfurt (Germany)

Recruited in Montfermeil (93), this year 2003 is a smart 9, a real shooter. He is a player who excels in the last 30 meters. It is impressive in front of the goal. He has a real sense of placement to get into a favorable brand position. He also has good first aid also for (re) start.

He has good technical skills and is comfortable with the ball, but does not necessarily dribble. Nevertheless, he clearly has areas for improvement, such as his contribution to the core of the game, which is sometimes weak, and the need to build muscle in duels. Especially when he’s back to the game and playing his supporting role.

A player who has developed well this season and is more involved in the game. Real old-fashioned 9.

His season 2021/22 : 20 matches in N3 / U19N – 12 goals – 5 matches L1 / Coupe de France

Elhadji Dieye (forward)

El Hadji Dieye’s wing was very impressive today.

This year, 2002, which was first tested during the summer season, quickly impressed by scoring in the first match against Toulon. He was subsequently expelled. A player of characters who quickly established himself in reserve. He scores his first goal against Grand Genève Thonon Évian for a reserve. He will play his first match in Ligue 1 during a 5: 1 match in La Meinau. Good physical properties, fast, which has a good reserve to progress and could explode next season.

His season 2021/22 : 18 matches in N3 – 5 goals – 6 matches L1 / Coupe de France

Abdoulaye Bakayoko (defender)

Abdoulaye BAKAYOKO of Saint Etienne during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Saint-Etienne and Lens on January 15, 2022 in Saint-Etienne, France. (Photo: Johnny Fidelin / Icon Sport)

Bakayoko premiere? This is not a bad thing at all. It’s not easy for him. We are 20. He showed character, talent and composure. He must continue and repeat this kind of performance until he is balanced. ” The first Bakayoko with professionals at that time was celebrated by Timothée Kolodziejczak. Here he is again called to a professional group for summer training. Tough and extremely fast defender, in development, perfectable in terms of recovery, but who could enter the rotation in the middle defense if he confirms it.

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His season 2021/22 : 13 matches in N3 - 1 goal - 4 matches L1 / Coupe de France

Louis Mouton (attacking midfielder)

Louis MOUTON of Saint-Etienne during the friendly match between Saint-Etienne and Bourg-en-Bresse on July 16, 2021 in Saint-Etienne, France. (Photo: Matthieu Mirville / Icon Sport)

As we recently explained to you, Louis Mouton is a training midfielder born in 2002. He completed pre-training and training at AS Saint-Etienne. He is a player with intelligence and an interesting game vision. He has real technical skills that allow him to excel in a team holding the ball. He can be determined, he knows how to score, but above all to make others score! The undisputed holder of the Razik Nedder team has largely won his place at the expense of already professional players (Benkhedim, Aymar ...).

The offensive midfielder is experiencing a great season with a reserve. Mouton, recruited from Veauche, owes his good season only to the fact that he signed his first professional contract.

His season 2021/22 : 23 matches in N3 - 2 goals

Mathys Saban (forward)

Mathys SABAN of Saint Etienne during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Marseille and Saint Etienne at the Orange Velodrome on August 28, 2021 in Marseille, France. (Photo: Johnny Fidelin / Icon Sport)

He arrived from the USA Torcy (77), arrived at the peak in the summer of 2017. His first season is the adaptation season. In the following two seasons (in the U17 national competitions and in the U19 national competitions), he shows the extent of his talent, which allows him to sign a professional contract for 3 years in June 2020.

Saban is an attacking player who can play across the entire attacking front. His real favorite position is the left offensive midfielder. However, he also used to support the attacker or even as a pointed attacker in the reserve. He is very technically proficient with a certain game intelligence. His ball catches and first supports are very good. With its very vertical play, it is a real reluctance that, with its dribbling and speed, creates an imbalance and disrupts the enemy defenses.

A player who had time to play with the pros before he got injured last December. He never returned after a hamstring injury. A very good wingman, versatile who can play in all four offensive positions.

His season 2021/22 : 5 matches in N3 - 1 goal - 3 matches L1 / Coupe de France

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