Arab risks of normalization with Israel

Arab risks of normalization with Israel

GGeorge W. Bush stigmatized, May 18 in Dallas, “Absolutely unfounded decision by one man to brutally invade Iraq …”before recovery: “I mean Ukraine. » The revealed and published lapsis has sparked a flood of commentaries that highlight, among other things, the complacency that continues to prevail over the catastrophic US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Shortly after the speech of the former President of the United States, the Iraqi parliament unanimously passed a law criminalizing all forms “promotion” of “Zionist entity”as Israel was called in Saddam Hussein’s propaganda.

The contempt remains scathing for the neoconservatives who pushed Mr. Bush into Iraq’s adventure, “The road to Jerusalem passes through Baghdad.” According to these ideologues, the fall of the Iraqi dictator was to mechanically trigger a process of democratization within Iraq, which itself led to normalization with Israel, a dynamic that then spread to the rest of the Arab countries.

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Dictatorial normalization

Two decades later, Iraq is struggling to break out of the cycle of civil wars with constant problems with the representativeness of its institutions. And a unanimous vote by Iraqi MPs now approves of the definitive failure of the neoconservatives, because in the Arab Middle East, only authoritarian regimes have normalized their relations with Israel.

These regimes also proposed such normalization as to maintain the United States’ self-satisfaction with its repressive fads, while its population often remained vulnerable to Palestinian suffering. Former Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi’s Egypt probably has five times more political prisoners than Husni Mubarak, who himself inherited the peace of Anouar El-Sadat in 1979 with Israel. The political openness granted by King Hussein of Jordan before the signing of the peace with Israel in 1994 was therefore called into question and further limited during the reign of his son Abdullah II.

The Abraham Accords, signed with Israel by four Arab states in 2020, are led by the United Arab Emirates, already on the initiative of a poisonous counter-revolutionary campaign in the Arab world.

The Abraham Accords, signed with Israel by four Arab states between September and December 2020, are led by the United Arab Emirates, already on the initiative of a pernicious counter-revolutionary campaign in the Arab world. Bahrain is in line with the position of Abu Dhabi, which since 2011 has supported, if necessary by arms, the suppression of constitutional agitation. In Sudan, it was the military hierarchy that imposed normalization with Israel on civilian authorities, which it overthrew since then in October 2021. Only Morocco contrasts with this dictatorial dynamic, for two reasons: on the one hand, the importance and voluntarism of the Moroccan community of origin in Israel, which lends this normalization human depth is missing in the five previous chords ; on the other hand, the American counterpart of recognition “marocnost” Western Sahara, a claim backed by a broad consensus in the Kingdom of Cherifian.

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