Concorde Cruiser 890 RLA: ultra-luxury motorhome, XXL niche

Concorde Cruiser 890 RLA: ultra-luxury motorhome, XXL niche

The cabin is part of the DNA designs of the German manufacturer and as it should be, the latest design of the Cruiser RLA 890, innovative for a couple, is processed according to the rules of art of top luxury and what’s more on the Mercedes Atego. Text Olivier Langin – Photograph by Thomas Jamet

Although we do not necessarily expect a body in the luxury segment of leisure cars, for the German manufacturer it is an integral part of its know-how and has all the attributes, starting with the construction of the body. Made of sandwich panels with inner and outer aluminum wall and roof coverings, the rear face is made of polyester, ensures body rigidity and has a 10-year seal seal during regular inspections in the Mark network. This Capucine Cruiser is built on a Mercedes Atego chassis with a 299 hp 6-cylinder engine that retains the best of the brand’s heavy technology for a smooth ride in all circumstances.

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Technical sheet

  • Carrier: Mercedes Atego 1230 l – 299 hp
  • L x W x H: 8.99 x 2.48 x 3.86 m
  • Payload: 11,990 / 3,485 kg
  • Number of seats on the road / night): 4/2
  • Kitchen: three-burner stove, refrigerator 177 liters, with separate freezer and integrated microwave.
  • Beds: two beds in a cabin 2 x 106 x 200 cm, clear height 79 cm.
  • Main storage space: Storage space 237 x 144 x h 140 cm, wardrobe with bar in the bathroom 148 x 61.5 x 38 cm with two height-adjustable shelves, various storage spaces in the living room.
  • Clean water / waste water: 400/300 liters
  • Price from 362,400 €

Maxi back lounge

For this motorhome, the designers have chosen an innovative layout supported by an exceptional living room / kitchenette.

The U-shaped rear lounge is definitely not a novelty on the leisure car market, but the workmanship that the designers have given him prefers in terms of ease of use and comfort. The comfort of the seat and backrest is a matter of course thanks to the controlled assembly of foams for all benches. But a real surprise is the partial transformation of the benches in the living room into couches with a view of the television. And for complete comfort, one of the cushions can be placed upside down to serve as a support for the glasses, so you have them on hand. The living room benefits from triple exposure to natural light thanks to large openings. They also contribute to good ventilation. As for the storage space, part of the furniture in the living room in the form of drawers and cabinets in a shiny black facade is dedicated to it. In addition, there is a space under the seat adjacent to the kitchen.

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Large kitchen full of storage space

In the kitchen, those who regularly handle the pans will be able to store all the equipment under the worktop, which is partially optimized by rotating trays with a unit load capacity of 25 kg. In addition to this special device, the drawers are arranged at both ends of the cabinet under the worktop in a synthetic material with an integrated sink. The hob is divided between a three-burner Thetford stove and a microwave oven installed above the Dometic refrigerator, which has a door that opens on both sides.

Through bathroom

The transverse arrangement of the toilet compartment is ideal. The useful area on the ground allows you to easily move from one position to another. And we can only appreciate the designers’ efforts for a sink integrated into the worktop with a marble finish with the most beautiful effect. The quarter-circle shower enclosure offers a large internal volume in an elegant design with wall tiles and a very elegant glossy black shower column. Stylish detail, the shower head is installed on the side wall on a separate column with a height-adjustable support.

Also a wardrobe

In this very design environment, only the toilets remind us that we are in a leisure vehicle. The designers carefully took care to hide a discreet and elegant wall-mounted radiator behind the towel rail. As in the bathroom worthy of the name, there is plenty of storage space between the bathroom cabinet and the drawers under the sink. If these storage spaces are reserved for toiletries, a wardrobe with height-adjustable shelves is installed in the closet to hold clothes and linen.

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Twin beds in front

The sleeping area is installed at the front in a niche with a comfortable ceiling height of 79 cm. It is exposed in a longitudinal sleeping arrangement with two separate beds with bedding with undeniable comfort. This particular arrangement is an advantage with this Cruiser cab, as the bedroom can be isolated from the bathroom by a sliding door.

Clear storage

The sliding access staircase with two steps is hidden under the left step and each step has storage space. The space above the stairs is turned into drawers for personal belongings, notice the presence of a laundry basket. Opposite these storage units is a cabinet with two height-adjustable shelves. The sleeping area is, of course, isolated from the driver’s position by a sliding cover which, when opened, allows movement to the driver’s position.

Controlled length but high height

Capucine commits, the cockpit completely takes over the environment of the passenger compartment of the Mercedes Atego. And even if you’re sitting behind the wheel of a truck, there’s nothing to envy the integral brand, because driving comfort is not negligible. The long length of 8.99 m gives it a certain maneuverability, however, with the roof air conditioning it will be necessary to pay attention to its width (2.48 m) and especially to the height of almost 4.00 m.

Giga bike holder and equipment

In terms of high-capacity storage, holding comes first. Bicycles, leisure equipment and bulky luggage can be stored here. And if that’s not enough, there is a passable storage space in the double floor for long-term equipment. In terms of visual identity, the structured front lines of the Mercedes Atego, the hilarious curve of the cabin and the walls of the chamber with holes without handles contribute to the harmonious body line. For a thicker outer surface, the optional “Centurion Style” exterior decoration will be a decisive element.

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The price of a beautiful house

Of course, the question of price could be the one that bothers you with its many options. However, given the basic services and a significant increase in enjoyment of use as well as comfort on board with options, there is no price preventing those who have the funds to invest € 453,155, including options (€ 90,755), and it will guarantee idyllic stays with a silver bonus. stars on the radiator grille.

Our opinion

Concorde Cruiser RLA 890 road

Concorde’s know-how is really present on this Cruiser 890 RLA, and the fact that it’s a body doesn’t change anything. The designers take advantage of this thanks to a well-structured layout with a comfortable living area on one side and a main suite, whose double room can be insulated with a sliding partition. The question of price, this licorice is certainly high, but unlike other proposals in this market, all the more so because this licorice is on the Mercedes Atego.


  • Insulation with a sliding partition of the room
  • Excellent brightness in the living room
  • Transforming a sofa facing a television into a meridian
  • Functional layout of the kitchen
  • Relative dexterity of the body on the road
  • Bathroom interior design

The smaller ones

  • Difficult access to the driver’s seat
  • Passengers separated from the driver’s seat

I thank Concord for making the vehicle available and CLC Wattelier in Rantigny (60) for organizing this test well.

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