Formalized OM takeover within 25 days?

Formalized OM takeover within 25 days?

There will be a future by the end of JuneOlympic Marseille TBC. The OM sale long notified, will be formalized within 25 days …

OM sales: when will the Saudis arrive?

OM is already sold and the new owners should take control in the coming weeks. Journalist Thibaud Vézirian had even previously encouraged Olympique de Marseille supporters to celebrate Roman Molina don’t go edit his notes

Even if this other journalist confirms that the sale of OM is planned, unlike the official communication of the Marseille club, according to its counterpart, it does not exceed the threshold of the already finished sale of the Olympic club. According to him, the takeover of OM is well under negotiation and Frank McCourt, after already entrusting companies to manage the takeover of the club, is negotiating intensively with the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (BIP).

Did the rich Saudis buy the Olympique de Marseille?

Thibaud Vézirian again interprets rumors of the Marseille club’s interest in Marcel’s Madrid and other clues as evidence of the early arrival of financial power at the helm of the club. While Frank McCourt’s OM has accumulated a deficit in recent years, the journalist asks where Longoria will take the money to fund OM’s transfer period this summer, if not from the pockets of the new owners. In any case, Jorge Sampaoli makes the continuation of his mission in Marseille conditional on the transfer of this transfer period.

With confirmed return William Saliba in Arsenal following Boubacar Kamara’s free departure to Aston Villa, President OM Longoria is forced to work twice as hard, which will require a lot of money. It will really take a long time for the Phoceans to enlist Miral Pjanic in FC Barcelona or Julian Alvarez in Manchester City.

In any case, Molina and Vézirian agree on one fact, the end of June will be accompanied by a strong decision. The arrival of other owners for Véziriana, who announced that the club is already sold, and the decision on whether or not to buy the club by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, according to Molina.

Romain Molina insists, despite the destruction of the rumor

Romain Molina reaffirmed on Friday that something is going on between Frank McCourt and the Saudis, who are very interested in the club. Although in his notes he actually countered the club communication in the boxes about Provencewhere Pablo Longoria’s departure to Boston was announced in preparation for the OM transfer, CNN journalist insists there are many negotiations in the Marseille club about a change of ownership.


This story of the sale of OM became a real sea snake, which was killed several times by the McCourt clan, but was resuscitated Thibaud Vezirian and Romain Molina, despite threats of legal action by the current owner, Olympique de Marseille. The Olympic team will compete in the UEFA Champions League next season. For its owners, these rumors are only a weapon to destabilize the team. is right?

The next 25 days will not be long enough for us to know the truth. On the side of Marseille supporters, the sale of the club is more advantageous, especially to rich Saudis able to compete with PSG owners. In Marseille, we can hope for players at levels close to Neymar, Mbappé and Lionel Messi.

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