Greetings of Vladimir Putin, a well-guarded object of fascination

Greetings of Vladimir Putin, a well-guarded object of fascination

RUSSIA – Could this be the Kremlin’s best kept secret? While war in Ukraine exceeded the symbolic milestone of 100 days, speculation and rumors around health Vladimir Poutine do not weaken.

Fantasies that forced even his indestructible head of diplomacy Sergei Lavrov to draw attention to this topic. “I don’t believe anyone in your head can see signs of illness or any affection in this person,” he confirmed on May 29 during a TF1 interview.

However, at the dawn of his 70th birthday – October 7 – he questions and fascinates the Kremlin chief’s health behind the walls of the Moscow fortress.

“Advanced cancer” according to US intelligence

In January, we find out that he cannot stay in place to celebrate Orthodox Christmas. A month followed that everyone remembers the huge table that separates him from Emmanuel Macron. In April, it was his fallen position in a chair with his hand pressed to the table facing his minister of the armed forces that fueled rumors of a deterioration in his physical condition.

“Putin, falling on a chair and clutching a table.” It’s okay, isn’t it? Hello? ”CNN replied on Twitter on April 21.

In the United States, the issue is also being taken with great seriousness, in addition to mere speculation about his body language, which lends him to the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Instead, in a secret US intelligence report, they state that Vladimir Putin suffers from “advanced cancer”, which was treated in April, according to three US intelligence officials who the magazine Newsweek just published.

Referring to the failed assassination attempt in March, the report puts forward the idea that Vladimir Putin would be physically weakened, even though his extreme isolation in recent months has made it impossible to make an accurate assessment of his health. “What we do know is that there is a glacier, even though it is covered in fog,” said an anonymous source from the National Intelligence Director’s office.

Putin’s health is a state secret

If Vladimir Putin’s health is so well guarded, it does not come from this war in Ukraine. Growing an image especially of a man manly and athlete, the Russian leader is not yet resisting the pain of time. According to many elements compiled by the Russian website Proekt, a reputable investigative medium, but banned since July 2021 on the part of the Russian state, the veil surrounding Putin’s health has long been opaque.

The project says in an investigation published on April 1, the president is forced to permanently hide the slightest physical defect that could harm him his dirty image which is so dear to him. Whether it’s a cold or a sports injury, everything has to be hidden. This site is reminiscent of a seemingly banal event, but it demonstrates the special attention paid to its image.

At a memorial ceremony in Red Square in November 2012, Vladimir Putin’s films could never be published for one simple reason. The president limped. However, the paintings were published by the website of the Moscow Patriarch. Several government sources at the time had advanced back pain that may require surgery. Dmitry Peskov immediately denied the information, despite a series of actions canceled in late 2012.

Added to this are several interesting Putin “disappearances” over the years. “Cold” in the middle of the February 2018 election campaign, this series of trips and events was canceled in the Kremlin at the end of 2012 or even “self-isolation” from September 13 to 29, 2021, which adds secrets to this very sensitive subject in the corridors of the Kremlin.

To hide these repeated absences, the Kremlin’s communication is now well established after 23 years of presidency. This is mainly due to the use of pre-recorded videos, which has become commonplace in the Russian state apparatus.

More and more personal doctors

According to the investigative website, as he got older, Vladimir Putin was very surrounded by doctors. The project estimates that in 2019 the leader was permanently accompanied by about nine specialists. Among the three doctors Putin consulted most often is Evgeny Selivanov, an oncologist-surgeon, present alongside his president during the “disappearance” observed between August 8 and 16, 2017. He was reportedly consulted almost 35 times over four years.

In addition to the army of doctors, Putin’s interest in thyroid cancer issues in Russia. The President showed some curiosity on this topic, especially in 2020 he met with Ivan Dedov, head of the National Center for Medical Research in Endocrinology, to discuss the extent of the disease as well as the new hormonal treatment studied.

Ivan Dedov is also the boss Putin’s eldest daughter Maria, a graduate of the Medical Faculty of Moscow State University, but also a shareholder of the medical company Nomeko. A Russian company whose one of the research projects is studying new methods of cancer treatment.

Enough to feed a number of fantasies about a leader who, since the arrival of COVID-19, has also been particularly cautious – even paranoid – with sometimes inadequate medical protocols within the Russian political apparatus.

And if Americans seem to be sure that Vladimir Putin is eating something, there is no sign of a near death by the head of the Kremlin. However, the “threat of a mad man of nuclear war” seems less great for American intelligence with “weakened” Vladimir Putin.

“The weakened Putin has less influence over his advisers and subordinates, say, if he orders the use of nuclear weapons,” a senior US intelligence official said.

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