MotoGP Catalonia J3: courage, swing and suffering, Alex Marquez (Honda / 10) was worthy of his oldest Marco

MotoGP Catalonia J3: courage, swing and suffering, Alex Marquez (Honda / 10) was worthy of his oldest Marco

Alex Marquez bravely defended the honor of his family, whose icon is his older brother Marc, in the Grand Prix of Catalonia, where at the end of the race he placed at the top of the Honda hierarchy. The superiority of Cervera’s blood, which comes at a high price. Because Alex Marquez was not in training after Saturday’s severe fall from FP4, he lost his concussion. He starts last and returns with the top 10 without commenting on the official driver Pol Espargaró, who finished last in the same competition …

Alex Marquez is glad that he has a race that he describes as ” long and heavy “, With this noble feeling of a job well done, such as that you deserve a reputation as a big name for Honda: Mark. The first satisfaction was brought to him on Sunday morning by doctors who recognized him as fit to run. He started last and had nothing to lose and chose the option of soft tires, which turned out to be reasonable. Explains: ” I had no physical limitationsI felt good, maybe without energy since yesterday’s fall, but I felt good from the first to the last round. At least I could have some fun with the public and the fans and finish the race 100% “.

He adds to his technical choices: ” The position is not bad, but the feelings were not very good. It was normal for the software to crash a little earlier than the others. There was a big difference and in the front it also got a lot worse on the right side. There was almost no driving in the last seven laps. It finally blew in the last corners. It wasn’t the best race in terms of feelings And he ends: we saved the essentials, but we ended up a long way off. We need to improve a lot. A very important test awaits us on Monday, we must keep pushing and insist “.

Alex Marquez

Alex Marquez: I think Marc gave me strength after Saturday’s crash

However, this Grand Prix of Catalonia also included human aspects. That is, about his colleague’s mark Taka Nakagamidoomed to disgust after his crash at the start, which resulted in a loss Bagnaia az rinses : ” we are human. The “Taka” thing is quite normal in the first turn, it is very difficult to calculate the braking and you will come here very quickly. When you ride these motorcycles, you can’t imagine what the furrow is doing, and when the furrow sucks you, there’s nothing you can do. Departures are getting faster and faster, previously 0-100 was done in 2.7 or 2.8 seconds and now we are at 2.2. We drive faster and faster and the circuits remain small, which creates more driver errors. “.

There was also a mistakeAleix Espargaro : ” Aleix’s thing can happen, with adrenaline, racing at home, you want the race to end, you’re on the podium … it can happen, it’s a pity it happened and we almost caught it. These are things that can happenit has happened in the past with Julian Simón, with Rins, with many pilots, it will definitely happen again “.

Forgiving of Aleix and Taka, Alex Marquez is stricter to Pol Espargaro… ” I overtook Pol, I don’t have to brake late, I don’t know exactly what happened to him, he wasn’t accelerating … something special he said. Contract KTM maybe I mean? In this Grand Prix of Catalonia Nakagami as Bradl fell a Pol Espargaro finished last. Six points from the top 10 brought back Alex Marquez they are therefore welcome on the eve of the test day, when one can ask who will have the bike Mark Márquez in evaluation. Because Nakagami he should rest after the accident.

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