our opinion after 1,000 km driving the cheapest Mercedes sedan

our opinion after 1,000 km driving the cheapest Mercedes sedan

Comfortable, rugged road car ready to travel the world: isn’t this the Epinal image of Mercedes sedans? This winning recipe, which Etoile has been fine-tuning for decades through its own class C and EWITH remains out of category – however desirable, for many of us it is no less inaccessible. As it takes at least EUR 49 400 for Class C without any options and EUR 57 600 for “E”. But on closer inspection, there is a solution. Since 2018 and the introduction of the fourth generation Class A, the manufacturer offers a sedan version with a trunk. A three-volume format that makes it a small “C” in spirit.

An interior that is still just as rich and techno

This is felt from the installation on board, where, without boasting a new screen format in height between the two seats, class A will always make an impression. The “techno” effect that the Germans owe for four years to their two 10-inch digital boards, each of which overlooks three air conditioning vents like an aircraft turbine.. And more generally on a very sophisticated dashboard, both in terms of form and materials. So this system takes time to tame, because multimedia can be managed at the source by tapping the screen, but also from the touchpad between the seats and the steering wheel. Three different resources for managing the same system, here multiplication is not necessarily useful, but leaves at least a choice. Once your favorite control zone is found, Mercedes multimedia remains well thought out, as it is designed as “horizontal” as possible.. Understand that you don’t have to get lost in the menus to find all the features. And then, in terms of ergonomics, the air conditioning and radio remain adjustable using dedicated buttons.

The interior is not developing compared to the five-door.
The interior is not developing compared to the five-door.© Daimler AG

But all the effort to give away would be nothing without a good driver’s position. Thanks to numerous settings, the A-Class allows your driver to feel comfortable quickly. At the rear, given the wheelbase, identical to the compact, the sedan is not the queen of acceptance. However, adults can go on short trips, while the space will suit children for the holidays. Especially because thanks to the extension of the car by 13 cm, the trunk suddenly becomes decent for a small family that does not have too heavy a hand on the trunks.

Clamp eater, no bends

Because if something “A” controls this, it’s a highway. Well soundproofed, it lets its 2.0 diesel engine run around 2,500 rpm depending on speed and gently undulates the suspension, so it can carry its passengers in maximum comfort.. However, this damping flexibility is paid in cash on less smooth routes, where the A-Class tends to jump a little at the stops. Too bad, because the direction is also quite direct and gives a feeling of agility.

But because it lacks a bit of rigor, you can also keep pace with this small sedan, whose engine shines mainly with its bird’s appetite. On some 1,200 km of different routes and speeds, we actually consumed an average of 5.5 l / 100 km! Performance that is not negligible when you see the seed of 4-cylinder diesel. With its 150 hp and 320 Nm of torque, it is never in trouble, regardless of the load status of the car.


He welcomes his passengers very well and can drive miles, especially in this rarely sober version of the 200d, The A-Class sedan is a great opportunity for those who want to drive a Mercedes sedan without having a minister’s budget. Don’t believe this, because our test version still reaches € 49,000, but without a decision for the AMG finish and a few minor tweaks, prices start around € 36,000 in the 200d and Style Line finishes.

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