rechargeable batteries arrive in France directly via USB

rechargeable batteries arrive in France directly via USB

Twenty eight. It’s a number battery which the French buy every year. In the face of the development of battery – powered devices, the market for classic pile however, he is not experiencing a crisis *. It is in this context that the American brand Pale blue he arrives in France with his rechargeable batteries. Special feature: they do not need a charging case, but are charged separately via USB. 20 minutes he tested them.

Charging case end

American brand Pale Blue, especially born in 2019 from financing in crowdfunding on indiegogo (which earned $ 327,114) is launching a new type of lithium-ion polymer battery. At first glance, there is nothing different from conventional batteries, except a little lower weight. But on closer inspection, each battery has a micro USB slot that allows it to be recharged. Practice?

Each Pale Blue battery has its own microUSB port.
Each Pale Blue battery has its own microUSB port. – BLUE BLUE

Convenient, yes, because the charging box disappears. That’s always a little less plastic and electronics on the planet.

Yes, also because each battery can be recharged individually or in groups thanks to a cable with two or four micro USB to USB ports, which can be purchased with a rechargeable battery (count € 29 for four AA or AAA batteries).

Again, because each battery has a small LED that flashes during charging and remains stationary when the battery is charged.

Finally, yes, because there is no need for a mains socket. A computer is enough for charging. Which is easier on the go.

Up to 1000 charging cycles

Pale Blue batteries, announced with up to 1,000 charge cycles, are high on average compared to the competition, some of which appear in less than 500 minimum cycles. Pale blue batteries would also charge five times faster than Nimh batteries. We were able to see that just over two hours was enough to recharge the four tested AA batteries connected to our iMac. A good point also for the LED indicator, frankly, practical to know when charging is complete. And we didn’t notice any warming up of the batteries while recharging.

Lower capacity

The disadvantage is that the capacity of each Pale Blue AA battery is 1,500 mAh. That is not enough. Even Amazon’s generic batteries are better at it, with 2,400 mAh. It is therefore generally recommended to use 2,100 mAh for rechargeable… There is a concern that these new batteries are less durable when used with a toy or energy-intensive tool and need to be recharged more often. It is probably better to use it for a remote control, computer keyboard or mouse, clock or smoke detector … which consume little power. And we regret that Pale Blue didn’t choose USB-C.

1.5 V on AA batteries is common on most rechargeable batteries. On arrival, we appreciate the great ease of use and, of course, the less polluting aspect. But also the more economical side of these batteries: after the purchase, we have a quiet for a long time.

Pale blue batteries are available in various formats.
Pale blue batteries are available in various formats. – BLUE BLUE

A price that remains high

One shot left strengthening welcome to the rechargeable battery market, which, according to Gfk, would account for 12% of batteries sold online. But a shot strengthening expensive. The manufacturer also charges the price of its novelty at 29 euros for four batteries, the batteries are up to three times more expensive than other brands such as Duracell or Varta. Varta, who in Document devoted to e-sellers , which we came across in the preparation of this article, states in its “Good to Know” council that “ignorance of prices (from the public) generates profit! We can never say enough: compare before you buy!

* With various restrictions, it increased by 13.4% in 2020 to 483 million units (or 60 million additional batteries, according to Nielsen IQ).

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