Simulation was not enough Thimo Willems – News

Simulation was not enough Thimo Willems – News

This Sunday, Thimo Willems ran 75 meters from the highest luck during the Brussels cycling classic (Dec. 1). In the home straight, Minerva’s drivers were closely caught by the Dutchman Taco van der Hoorn, who added another success to the WorldTeam Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux (see order). “I don’t think I made a mistake”he believes in the microphone DirectVelo. The Belgian wanted to repeat the same trick as at the professional fair in Rotselaar. He drove the last kilometer three weeks earlier to win. So it was not enough for us to witness the same scenario in the streets of Brussels. The 26-year-old, who is present in a group of eight riders playing for victory, was instructed by his sports director Preben Van Hecke to be forgotten so that he could better surprise his little world, even if it means deceiving his opponents. “He told me that I absolutely had to take the last position before the final turn, which is just over a kilometer from the finish line. He even told me to get there, the fake cramps I did. So I’ll turn to the last position.” “.

So far, his plan seems to be working. Except that Taco van der Hoorn and Tobias Bayer (Alpecin-Fenix) got a few meters away in the meantime. “That’s when it fell apart. I had to get out of my reserve to jump on them. And then I continued my efforts. I tried everything for everything. This tactic was already in place at the Vermarc Grand Prix, why not do it again.” I did a few meters, it seemed to be starting well, but I felt caught in the last 100 meters. On the 75-meter sign, I see Taco passing me and it’s over. Taco van der Hoorn is not on the first try, but then it was annoying.


Once the pressure subsides, the 3rd GP Criquielion (1.2) does not regret the tactics used. “I could have bet on my sprint, but it’s always risky. You can get stuck, have trouble jumping over the chain or whatever. I often ride 2nd and 3rd place, my goal was to win the race, I didn’t want a place. Honor. Maybe I will try to trust my sprint again in the future. “ In any case, he wanted to thank the peloton for leading the first half of the race. “Leaving the group around ten and taking eight minutes is a pleasure. My plan was to get into the escape. In these humid conditions, it’s easier to be in front. I wanted to go through the double wall of Grammont and Bosberg in front so we could accompany the leader, except that they never came upon us. “ In the last twenty kilometers, however, the lead of the leaders at the instigation of Lotto-Soudal has further decreased. “We kept it in the mountains. In Taco we had an experienced guy who set the pace. We accelerated in the finals, but only in the last few kilometers did I understand that we would stay ahead until the end.”

This second place is also a tribute to team boss Filip Carpentier, who died of a heart attack (read here) last April. “I thought a lot about him during the race. He would be proud to see me at work. Thanks to him I got into this team. The best moments of my career. Three weeks ago I won my first professional fair in Rotselaar Last week I finished at 12 “A place at the Veenendaal Classic. My goal is to move up again in 2023. If this continues, I believe I can do it, but I will never forget what Minerva did for me.” Thimo Willems won’t have much time to think about his performance today, as he is back in the stirrup this Monday during the Tour of Limburg. “It’s a nice course. I hope my legs aren’t too heavy the day before, but I doubt it.”smiling. Then Brabançon will be at the beginning of Dwars door Hageland and the Tour of Belgium, before ending the month with the Belgian Championship in Middelkerke.

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