the game becomes very easy due to this glitch

the game becomes very easy due to this glitch

Elden ring continues on its merry journey to the top the most popular games of todaystaying proud 13th place most played games Steam. Players continue to uncover many secrets … and long-awaited bugs that can make the game extremely easy against both bosses and other players.

Elden ring : fault already exists Dark Souls 3

That was now two months since the last game from From Software, Elden ringis out. Players had time to enjoy the adventure at their own pace, discover many secrets and tricks, and also experiment with multiple sets and ways to collect money fast and XP. From now, it’s time for PVP, player invasion and above all route optimization, compilation and search for many bugs and defects that can be exploited to achieve one or more of these objectives. And some have worked well since then, even better than players could have expectederror already present and well known from the series soul returns to the scene Elden ring.

Indeed, this error or defect, named Tumblebuff Glitch, simply allows you to use any Ashes of War, as well as any buff on any weapon, even if none can receive normally. Goodbye legendary weapons that are lying around in your collection, and hello to a real war monster that can roll over anyone. Unfortunately, this bug is well known to licensees soulbecause it was already present on old opuses, in particular Dark Souls 3up to patch 1.10 who will eventually come to an end. If you want to make this problem, here is an explanatory video (in English) explaining the implementation step by step. Otherwise here it is:

  1. Put your weapon you want to polish or the ashes of war in your main hand.
  2. On the other hand, put the desired improvement.
  3. Switch to “holding both hands”.
  4. Sprint forward.
  5. Move the analog lever from front to back as accurately as possible to reach an angle of 180 °
  6. When you turn, press the left weapon ability key (L2 or RT on the controller).
  7. Quickly open the inventory, stand on the equipped weapon in your left hand, and press the square or X button several times to pick it up.

If you succeed in all these steps, the selected buff or ashes of war will be applied to your equipped weapon in your right hand. It works on all weapons, both at a distance and at close range.

Elden ring : problematic error

If some mistakes can go innocent, this is still very problematic, for the simple and good reason thatallows you to upgrade any weapon. The problem is some playersinstead of being used against bosses, which is in itself an abuse of the rules, rather, use it against other players who are invading their world. This therefore creates an unbalanced balance of power, because an innocent player is therefore much weaker than the attacker.

This is not the first bug that is used in Elden ring. Many speedrunners use it to abuse the physics of the game. Thanks to one of them French speedrunner Seeker_ managed to climb to first place in the Any% Unrestricted category. Absolutely stunning recording and video in just 5 minutes and 58 seconds. Seeker_ is also in 3rd place in the Any% rankings by completing the game within 22 minutes and 18 seconds. You can find a video of his success below.

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