VIDEO – War in Ukraine: “Crack! And nothing left” when Russian state television rejoices in the “happy” nuclear apocalypse

VIDEO – War in Ukraine: “Crack! And nothing left” when Russian state television rejoices in the “happy” nuclear apocalypse

The threat of a nuclear apocalypse regularly defended by Russian state television is now presented as an inevitable and “happy” outcome.

“Bang! And there’s nothing left”laughs Vladimir Solovyov on Russian state television Russia 1.We are falling on the bloodiest side of world history. “ he adds. “To them (Western Countries, Ed.), who say áme we will supply the weapons we want to Ukraine ’, try, just try!“, Threatens, suggesting a Russian nuclear reaction possible u delivery of western weapons far to Ukraine.

Other apocalyptic predictions and nuclear threats on Russian state television. Some Kremlin propagandists say the world is falling into a nuclear abyss, but the Russians should be pleased. Others seem to be borderline delirious. Are they cracking under pressure? Watches:

—Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) June 5, 2022

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“Only a few Lake Baikal mutants will survive”

For a stellar presenter, this eventuality is as likely as a Ukrainian strike on Russian territory. “If everything continues to develop like this, only a few mutants in Lake Baikal (The deepest lake in the world located in the south of Siberia, ed. note) will survive. The rest will be destroyed by a massive nuclear attack. If NATO decides that it can place whatever it wants on our borders and send more and more American weapons to Ukraine,Ukraine will be abducted and eventually hit one of our nuclear power plants“, assures.

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“We should be happy!”

A terrible eventuality that does not scare the guests of the day yet.

“Yes, we should be happy!” excited Vitaly Tretyakov at the thought of such an apocalypse. “Only young people don’t have to share this definition of happiness”however, the political publicist agrees.

“A terrible escalation awaits us

“If they supply such weapons (able to reach Russian territory), we will be forced to answerbecause our people wouldn’t understand it if we didn’ts “, explains Margarita Simonyan, director of Russia Today, less pleased but more resigned to the idea of ​​a nuclear apocalypse. “Our leader Vladimir Vladimirovitvh Putin is not the type to bear. A terrible escalation awaits us “she predicted.

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“If you can stab a bear in hibernation …”

And the journalist concludes:they still provoke us, we forget the lesson of history that we should not be provoked. When you can poke a branch into a wintering bear, poke at it, poke at it, poke at it, but it suddenly wakes up and ‘boom!’ “.

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